Also, since I’m online, I figured I should mention that any followers shocked to see me back (or unexpected new followers) should know you can find me on my new tumblr, antisocial-personalities.

This one is essentially inactive… except for the occasional “I’m selling all of my old band merch” notification.

I Hate Myself records for sale (+others)

I just listed my entire IHM collection on ebay, you can view it HERE

There are 4 different ones, and a couple of other misc records (like At The Drive-In’s RSD exclusive orange copy of Relationship of Command and the Pet Symmetry/Dowsing split)

I’m just a super broke college student who needs money, so it would mean a lot to me if you’d at least take a look and consider bidding if you like something <3

Hopefully you’ll get cool 90’s/early 2000’s records for fairly cheap (and I’ll be able to get lunch after my summer class)!

Here’s the link again, just in case:

Record dump, yet again.

So, uh, with the frequency of these posts you’ve probably guessed that I’m selling a lot of stuff because of a really shitty financial situation that’s looming in my near future…. I won’t trouble you with the details, though, it’s not really relevant.

I went through the rest of my record collection and listed quite a few more of them, you can, as usual, check them out on my e-bay page (there’s a Tigers Jaw and Saetia shirt too):

There’s Tigers Jaw, Glocca Morra, Suis La Lune, Off With Their Heads, Dowsing, Dad Punchers, Donovan Wolfington, Joyce Manor, Elliott Smith, and a few more.

Take a look, help a brother out, who knows, maybe you’ll get a really good deal on an awesome record, too! <3

Records for Sale!

I went through my record collection and put a few of them up on ebay today, you can find a list of them here:

There’s stuff by Tigers Jaw, TWIABP, You’ll Live, and other bands like that, check it out!

Followers: Sorry for the spam, you guys can follow my non-advertising actual blog at and unfollow this one if you want.

I’m selling all of the leftover stuff from my label.

So potentially you could get tapes or records for 0.99, as well as some shirts! There’s The Exploration, Donovan Wolfington, Snowing, Dowsing, Sed Non Satiatia, Place Called Home, Southtowne Lanes, Running Shoes and SRVVLST.

Also followers who keep seeing that the only thing I post are advertising that I sell too much stuff, that’s because my actual blog is a new blog.

Find me there if you want real posts again :p

More band shirts!

No, really, I added two more! Snowing, Dowsing, Sed Non Satiata, TWIABP, I’m Ok., and Caust now. Help me get rid of old stuff and get super cheap t-shirts?? :D

Band T-Shirts (again)

I am selling a lot of my old band shirts on e-bay, starting price at 0.99, most of them are still that low and they end today! Check them out here:

Bands like Snowing, Tigers Jaw, and Title Fight are listed, among others!


Band T-Shirts

Hey, I went through my closet and listed a bunch of old band shirts for sale on ebay, starting price at 0.99, check them out here:

Bands like Snowing, Tigers Jaw, and Title Fight are listed, among others!


Do any of you use wordpress??

If you do I started a blog over there.

Additionally, I’ve made a new tumblr which is antisocial-personalities so you should follow me over there if you want to keep in touch on here.


I feel like everything on this blog has gotten so mixed up and I don’t know, I just remade my blog because I felt like it was a thing that needed to happen, so anyway if you want to keep following me my new blog is